Poster 10 Things I Hate About You 1999

Where was 10 Things I Hate About You filmed

1999, Comedy Drama
Filming country: USA

Filming took place in the studio and near the college of the city of Tacoma.

School stadium

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Scene where Patrick Verona sings a serenade for Catherine in the stadium, he does it into a microphone connected to all the speakers, so security comes running after him and tries to catch him, but he escapes all pursuit quite cleverly.
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Scene was shot like all exterior school shoots take place at STADIUM HIGH SCHOOL Tacoma College in Tacoma, Washington. This scene was filmed in the school's outdoor stadium, where sports classes are usually held. The location was chosen because the stadium type of benches for spectators was convenient to shoot the chase of the guards after the singer.

Kat Stratford's family home

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Scene where the head of the Statford family is walking home with the mail in his hands. Kat is sitting in a chair reading a book. When her father walks into the living room, he looks through the mail and sees a reply from the college with the results of Kat's interview.
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Scene was shot Kat Stratford's family home, rented near the college on a street in Tacoma. It's a typical middle-class house in the area, which again emphasizes Kat's stable family as opposed to Verona's dysfunctional one.

Under the bridge

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Scene where Bianca Stratford and Cameron James meet under a bridge. Bianca has a new rule at home that no dating until her sister Kate finds a boyfriend. So Bianca decides that Cameron can help find a boyfriend for her sister and thus lift the ban on her.
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Scene was shot at the troll statue under the bridge in Seattle. It's a large statue located under a highway bridge. Teenagers are very unlikely to be there, as it is in the center of the city, and they live and go to school about 50 kilometers south of this point.
Seattle Fremont Troll

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