Poster Friends of Gilda 1993

Where was Friends of Gilda filmed

1993, Comedy
Filming country: Canada

Friends of Gilda was filmed in Toronto in Canada.


Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre


Scene where None

Scene was shot The Elgin and Winter Garden theatres are the last surviving stacked Edwardian theatres in the world. The theatres opened in 1913 as the flagship venue of Marcus Loew's theatre chain and were designed by Thomas W. Lamb. The ground-level Elgin Theatre is decorated in gold and marble with a domed roof while seven storeys above is the Winter Garden Theatre covered in plant murals, garden trellises, and columns designed like tree trunks. The upper theatre was closed in 1928 as the lower theatre was converted to show talkies, and the upper theatre remained closed until the building was acquired by the Ontario Heritage Foundation in 1981.

189 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1, Canada
GPS: 43.65323084774653, -79.3789737349182
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