Poster Loser 2000

Where was Loser filmed

2000, Comedy Romance
Filming country: USA Canada

Loser was filmed in Toronto in Canada and New York in the United States of America.


Bryant Park

New York

Scene was shot Bryant Park is situated in midtown and contains the New York Public Library. The park originally open in 1847 as Reservoir Square, and was renamed Bryant Park in 1884. The park deteriorated over the years until a renovation in the 1980s, when the entire park was rebuilt over the newly constructed underground library stacks.


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Toronto Union Station


Scene was shot Toronto's Union Station is the largest train station in Canada and is the third train station to bear that name. Construction on the station began in 1914 just to the east of the old station, but while the building was completed in 1920, trains didn't start running through it until 1927 due to a dispute over the tracks. The building was recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1975 and inducted into the Railway Hall of Fame in 1999. The station currently operates Via Rail, Amtrak, and GO Transit trains, as well as the dedicated Union Pearson Express to the airport and subway trains through the station under Front Street.


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Bay Lower Station (TTC)

Toronto Bay Lower Station

Scene where Dora reads classified ads on the train.

Scene was shot Located beneath the current Bay Station, Bay Lower was only in operation for six months in 1966. Since then the platform has been used by TTC for operator training and design experimentation, and has been frequently been used for filming so as to not interrupt regular subway traffic.


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