Poster A Difficult Year 2023
Une année difficile

Where was A Difficult Year filmed

2023, Comedy
Filming country: France

The movie was filmed in the center of France - in Paris!


In movie

Scene where Albert and Cactus walk, run and dance…
Clock iconTiming: 01:45:16


Scene was shot on the road on Saint-Louis, just off the Louis-Philippe Bridge in the heart of Paris.
Paris Louis-Philippe Bridge


In movie

Scene where Albert and Cactus, out of the hospital and walking through the empty streets of Paris.
Clock iconTiming: 1:44:35


Scene was shot on Pont Neuf
Paris Pont Neuf (New Bridge)

Academy of Climate Change Building

In movie

Scene where Albert and Bruno participatie in the climate protest. But it does not end not like they thought it would.
Clock iconTiming: 1:08:20


Scene was shot at the Climate Academy is a public space where seminars, conferences and debates, film screenings, exhibitions, events, an orchard, a bar with snacks, and a library are held. The space is accessible to all and free to visit.
Paris Climate Academy

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