Where was Ambulance filmed

Poster Ambulance 2022

2022, #Drama #Thriller #Action #Crime
Filming country: #USA

Ambulance was filmed in California in the United States of America.


Los Angeles River

Los Angeles County, California 90012, United States

Scene where The ambulance is being chased by police helicopters.

Scene was shot Originally named the Buena Vista Viaduct, the North Broadway Bridge was the first major monumental Beaux Arts bridge constructed by the City of Los Angeles. When completed in 1911, it was the longest and widest concrete arch bridge in California, spanning 968 feet in total. The North Broadway Bridge was designed by Homer Hamlin and Alfred P. Rosenheim. In 2008, the North Broadway Bridge was designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #907.

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GPS: ['34.0724029541016', '-118.224853515625']


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Los Angeles Times Building

92 S Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90012, United States

Scene where ** spoiler alert ** A policeman asks if he can come in, not knowing there’s a robbery going on.

Scene was shot The Times Mirror Square complex consists of several structures built between 1935 and 1973. It contains more than 700,000 square feet of office space and includes the Los Angeles Times Building, a grand example of Art Deco and Moderne architecture. Local master architect Gordon B. Kaufmann designed the Los Angeles Times Building, which opened in 1935.  In 1973, William L. Pereira designed an immense six-story glass and steel structure on the northwest corner of the complex, which would become the new corporate headquarters of the Times Mirror Company.

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GPS: ['34.0532989501953', '-118.245498657227']


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