Poster Breathe 2024

Where was Breathe filmed

2024, Fantasy Thriller Action
Filming country: USA

The film was shot entirely at Sun Center Studios, which is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, USA. The scenery of the city, bunkers and everything we see in the movie was built there. Also the views of the destroyed world were drawn using computer graphics, but of course inspired by real locations to emphasize the location and the reality of the destruction of the planet. 


In movie

Scene where Zora and Maya take refuge in a shelter when strangers come to them demanding they hand over an oxygen generator.


Scene was shot all the scenes in and around the asylum were filmed at Sun Center Studios in Philadelphia. It was there that all the necessary sets were built. Studio shooting versus on location shooting was chosen because the movie involves a very small space and it is easy to build in a pavilion, and also because of the specific yellow lighting.
Philadelphia Sun Center Studios

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