Poster Carnival Night 1956
Карнавальная ночь

Where was Carnival Night filmed

1956, Comedy
Filming country: Russia

In the plot of the film, all the action takes place in a "club" where young people are trying to organize a holiday show on New Year's Eve. That is, there is no external and street filming in the story. Therefore, almost all the episodes were filmed on the sites of Mosfilm, except for those where it was necessary to show the stage and the space behind the stage, and the back rooms of the theater.  

The club scene

In movie

Scene where the performance begins on stage, and the guests are already seated in the hall. Mr. Ogurtsov rushes into the hall to watch the performance, but he does not know that he is waiting for a fun show, which has been rehearsed in secret, and not his planned popular science lecture.
Clock iconTiming: 00:38:02


Scene was shot on the stage of the "Palace on the Yauze", although it is one of the central theaters located in the capital, but it had a rather ordinary interior and according to the idea of the director and the production designer - it could be either a Moscow or any palace of culture in the USSR, the film does not name the city and the hall.
Moscow Palacio de Yauza

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