Poster Cast Away 2000

Where was Cast Away filmed

2000, Drama Adventure Romance
Filming country: Republic of Fiji

Cast Away was filmed in Fiji


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Scene where Chuck Noland gets caught in a violent storm while flying over the Pacific Ocean, the plane crashes near a small island near the Cook Archipelago, he is rescued on an inflatable raft and ends up on the island, which turns out to be uninhabited.
Clock iconTiming: 00:44:48


Scene was shot on an island in Fiji is an archipelago of more than 330 islands, 110 of which are permanently inhabited. Most of the islands were formed by volcanic activity that began about 150 million years ago.

Red Square

In movie

Scene where Chuck is a dedicated Fedex employee who works hard with his team to make sure all packages are delivered.


Scene was shot The Red Square is the most important city square in Moscow, Russia. It separates the Kremlin, the former royal citadel and now the official residence of the President of Russia, from a historic merchant quarter known as Kitai-gorod. The name Red Square originates neither from the colour of the surrounding bricks nor from the link between the colour red and communism. Rather, the name came about because the Russian word krasnaya, which means both red and beautiful.
Moscow Red Square

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