Where was Christopher Robin filmed

Poster Christopher Robin 2018

2018, #Comedy #Fantasy #Drama #Adventure
Filming country: #United Kingdom

Christopher Robin was filmed in London in the United Kingdom


Merrick Square

Merrick Square, London, United Kingdom

Scene where Christopher Robin drives home from work on his bicycle.

Scene was shot Merrick Square is a garden square in Newington, London. The square is named after Christopher Merrick who in 1661 left land to Trinity House. There are 32 houses that were built from 1853 to 1872, and they overlook a private garden in the centre, which is still enclosed by its original 19th-century cast-iron railings. The filming took place over four days in late 2017.

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['51.498176574707', '-0.0922499969601631']


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