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What was filmed in Brazil

Brazil is a country of diverse landscapes, from the Amazon rainforest to the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro. These unique settings make Brazil a popular destination for filmmakers looking for stunning backdrops. Some of the most famous movies filmed in Brazil include "City of God," "Central Station," and "The Motorcycle Diaries." Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular locations in Brazil for filming movies, particularly the iconic Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. The city's colorful favelas have also been featured in many films, including "City of God." Another popular location for filmmakers is the Amazon rainforest, with its lush greenery and diverse wildlife. "Fitzcarraldo" and "Anaconda" are two movies that were filmed in this region. The city of Salvador, known for its vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture, has also been a popular location for filmmakers. "Orfeu Negro" and "Journey to the End of the Night" are just a few movies that were filmed in this vibrant city. Overall, Brazil offers a wide range of unique and stunning locations for filmmakers, making it a popular destination for movie productions.

Movies and Series made in Brazil

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