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What was filmed in Norway

Norway is known for its stunning natural beauty and has been a popular location for many movies. Some of the most popular movies that were filmed in Norway include "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Mission: Impossible - Fallout". One of the most iconic movie locations in Norway is the Geiranger Fjord, which was featured in the movie "The Wave". Other popular movie locations include the medieval town of Bergen, the picturesque village of Flam, and the scenic Lofoten Islands. Norwegian landscapes, such as the glaciers and waterfalls, have also made the country a favorite location for filmmakers. "Frozen" and "The Revenant" are just two examples of movies that have utilized Norway's breathtaking natural beauty. In conclusion, Norway has a lot to offer in terms of movie locations. The country's stunning landscapes, medieval towns, and picturesque villages have made it a popular destination for filmmakers.

Movies and Series made in Norway

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