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What was filmed in Spain

Spain is a popular destination for filmmakers due to its diverse landscapes and stunning architecture. Many popular movies have been filmed in Spain, with some of the most memorable scenes set against the country's iconic backdrops. For example, the stunning Alhambra palace in Granada was the location for many scenes in the movie "Lawrence of Arabia". The city of Seville has also been a popular location for filmmakers, with movies such as "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" and "Knight and Day" using its beautiful streets and buildings as a backdrop. Other movies filmed in Spain include "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", which was filmed in Barcelona, and "The Trip to Spain", which was filmed across various locations in the country. With its beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage, Spain is sure to continue to be a popular location for filmmakers for many years to come.

Movies and Series made in Spain

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