Poster Django Unchained 2012

Where was Django Unchained filmed

2012, Drama Western
Filming country: USA

The filming took place entirely in the USA.  The creators needed quite a variety of landscapes and a few buildings in the style of those times. That's why they had to use several movie ranches - it's a kind of studios with large territories, where they build sets and use them for a lot of movies, often they are just sets for westerns. Also filming took place in the deserts of California. 


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Scene where Django and the other slaves walk through the desert under escort of armed guards on horseback. Later, when they reach the frosty forest, Dr. Schultz drives up in his dental van to see if any of the slaves are from the Coruco plantation.
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Scene was shot in the deserts of California, west of the town of Lone Pine. This location was very suitable for this scene, as it was a desert near the mountains and its rocky scenery was very well suited to the arduous journey of slaves.


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Scene where Django and Dr. King Schultz arrive at the saloon, where they wait for the local sheriff to kill him, and then quietly sit back at their table and wait for the arrival of the federal marshal to prove to him that it is not the sheriff, but a fugitive outlaw for whom a reward has been set.
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Scene was shot on the movie ranch tune - there was already a small town from the wild west days built here, as well as a proper saloon. As you can imagine, all we see in this scene is the setting. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Wild West seasons 1,2, and the TV series Deadwood were also filmed on this location.

Schultz and Django's overnight stop

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Scene where Big Daddy, played by Don Johnson, is at the head of a large Ku Klux Klan posse tracking down Django and Schultz. They watch them at night and wait until the bounty hunters are asleep in their parking lot to attack them. But first they linger hard to find out why the hubcaps are so poorly stitched. By the way, interestingly enough, Don Johnson also plays the man with the Ku Klux Klan costume in the Guardians TV series.
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Scene was shot at the "Big Sky" Ranch in California. Filming was very large and complex, with over 30 people riding horses in total darkness.

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