Poster Doctor Sleep 2019

Where was Doctor Sleep filmed

2019, Fantasy Drama Horror Thriller
Filming country: USA

Doctor Sleep was filmed in Covington and Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America.


Covington Square


Scene where Danny tells Abra that he used to call the powerful power he has the shining…

Scene was shot The Coving Square is part of the Covington Historic District. Covington itself was founded by European immigrants to the United States. It was incorporated in 1822 as the seat of the newly organized Newton County. Covington was named for United States Army Brigadier General and United States Congressman Leonard Covington, a hero of the War of 1812. The settlement grew with the advent of the railroad in 1845.

2101 Washington St SW, Covington, Georgia 30014, United States
GPS: 33.5963401794434, -83.8599014282227
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Plaza Theatre

Atlanta Plaza Theatre

Scene where Snakebite Andi is leaving the movie theatre.

Scene was shot The Plaza Theatre is an Atlanta landmark and the city’s longest continuously operating movie theatre. Designed by architect George Harwell Bond, the Plaza Theatre opened on December 23, 1939, as an art deco cinema and live theater space. In the 1970s, the Plaza became an X-rated adult cinema and live burlesque theatre. Cinema. In 1983, movie theatre entrepreneur George LeFont bought the theatre and renovated it. In early 2010, the Plaza Theatre Foundation became a nonprofit organization. Retaining the original marquee and many of the original furnishings, the Plaza Theatre became the longest continuously operating theatre in Atlanta. In late 2017, the theatre was sold to Christopher Escobar, also the Executive Director of the Atlanta Film Society.

1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30306, United States
GPS: 33.7735786437988, -84.3530883789063
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