Poster Field of Dreams 1989

Where was Field of Dreams filmed

1989, Fantasy Drama
Filming country: USA

Field of Dreams was filmed in Boston in the United States of America.


Laguna Veneta, Venise, Italie

Scene where The Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella decides to build a baseball field at his farm because a mysterious voice tells him: "If you build it, he will come."

Scene was shot The studio built the baseball diamond on two farms, a few miles outside Dyersville. When production completed, the baseball diamond created for the movie was left behind. Most of the baseball field, including the diamond and the adjacent house, was on one farm owned by the Lansing family, but the left and center field were on an adjacent property owned by the Ameskamp family. The field was built on the two properties because the producers wanted the field in a location where sunset shots would be uninhibited. After filming completed, the Lansing family kept their portion of the field intact, and added a small hut where visitors could buy souvenirs. The Ameskamp family returned their land to farming for a year, but then restored the remainder of the field and opened up their own souvenir stand. The two owners had operated separate tourist facilities and had also been at odds regarding commercialization of the site.

28995 Lansing Rd, Dyersville, Iowa 52040, USA
GPS: 42.4978103637695, -91.0549163818359
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