Poster Free Willy 1993

Where was Free Willy filmed

1993, Drama Adventure
Filming country: USA Mexico

Free Willy was filmed in Astoria, Portland, & Seaside in the United States of America and Mexico City in Mexico.


The Hammond Marina


Scene where Jesse help free Willy by leading the orca to jump over the harbor wall to freedom.

Scene was shot Hammond Marina is a popular boat launch for access to the Columbia River.

1099 Iredale St, Hammond, Oregon 97121, United States
GPS: 46.2046813964844, -123.948333740234
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Six Flags Mexico


Scene where Jesse connects with Willy.

Scene was shot The park was originally the Reino Aventura amusement park when filming took place. There was som scrutiny after the movie was released. Finally a fund was set up to release Keiko the killer whale from the park.

Jardines del Ajusco, Tlalpan, 14200 Ciudad de México, Mexico
GPS: 19.295560836792, -99.2091827392578
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