Where was Inside Llewyn Davis filmed

Poster Inside Llewyn Davis 2013

2013, #Drama
Filming country: #USA

Inside Llewyn Davis was filmed in New York in the United States of America.


Caffe Regio

119 Macdougal St, New York, New York 10012, United States

Scene where Jean and Llewelyn meet in a café to talk about the abortion.

Scene was shot Caffe Reggio is a New York City coffeehouse first opened in 1927. Italian cappuccino was introduced in America by the founder of Caffe Reggio, Domenico Parisi, in the early 1920s. Inside the cafe, against the back wall, there is still the original espresso machine, made in 1902, that Domenico Parisi bought with his savings when he opened the cafe in 1927. In 1959, presidential hopeful John F. Kennedy made a speech outside the coffee shop. In 2010, the cafe was honored with a Village Award.

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GPS: ['40.7302589416504', '-74.0003433227539']


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