Poster Ivan Vassilievitch change de profession 1973
Иван Васильевич меняет профессию

Where was Ivan Vassilievitch change de profession filmed

1973, Comedy Fantasy
Filming country: Russia USSR

Most of the film, such as the royal chambers, Shurik's apartments and neighbors were filmed in the pavilions of Mosfilm, but for full-scale filming of the Kremlin used Rostov Kremlin. Shurik's house, courtyard and stores around were filmed in Moscow, but the role of Gagra kurtortorta performed Yalta - there is even a monument to Mikhail Pugovkin at the place of filming, but if in the movie he sat with his back to the seafront, the monument was turned 180 degrees.


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Scene where Director Yakin commands the filming process on the seafront in Gagra, where Zina Timofeeva (Shurik's wife) is singing in the shot
Clock iconTiming: 00:06:50


Scene was shot In reality it was not Gagry (Abkhazia), but Yalta (Crimea), it was easier and cheaper to shoot there. The scene was filmed on the embankment of Yalta. Now there is a monument to the actor who played director Yakin (Mikhail Pugovkin).
Yalta Yalta seafront


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Scene where All the exterior scenes of the Kremlin, mainly the chase of the Streltsy chasing Ivan Vasilyevich Bunsha and Georges Miloslavsky around the courtyard and walls, as well as the scene of the troops leaving the city.


Scene was shot The scenes of the Moscow Kremlin were filmed in the Kremlin of Rostov the Great. For this there are several reasons, but the main can be called two: In those years, the Kremlin was quite secret and protected object and filming could simply not be allowed; Many historians have the opinion that during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, the Kremlin in Moscow was still white stone, and at the time of filming, no longer.
Rostov Veliky Rostov Kremlin

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