Poster Jungle Cruise 2021

Where was Jungle Cruise filmed

2021, Comedy Fantasy Adventure
Filming country: USA

Although the plot of the movie takes place in the Amazon, the shooting of the film took place in Hawaii, many scenes of the port city and the railway were filmed there. And most of the jungle scenes were already filmed in the Atlanta studios. The film crew spent a lot of time exploring the flora and fauna of the Amazonian jungle, including several expeditions. They did this to create a realistic and lively picture.

Porto Velho

In movie

Scene where Lily arrives in Porto Velho, Brazil with her brother to hire a guide with a boat. When she goes to a company specializing in river transportation she meets Frank and hires him as a guide, not realizing that he entertains tourists on the river rather than being an experienced jungle guide.
Clock iconTiming: 00:24:15


Scene was shot in real scenery. This whole huge building was erected on the banks of the reservoir specifically for filming. Yes, it's hard to believe, but these are not real colonial buildings from 1910, but simply a scenery, and not the only one built for this film. An interesting fact is that indoor shooting was also done in this city, i.e. these are not just plain walls, but worked out interior. According to the director, such decision was made for more natural lighting and creating the right atmosphere.

Porto Velho Station

In movie

Scene where Lily and her brother arrive by train at the Porto Velho train station, where they get off the train without noticing that they are already being followed by the mercenary Aggire, who was sent by Prince Joachim.
Clock iconTiming: 00:17:30


Scene was shot on the former sugar Kauai Plantation. Now it works as a tourist attraction. You can visit this place from the movie and even take the train. Detailed information can be found on their website -

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