Poster Leviathan 2014

Where was Leviathan filmed

2014, Drama
Filming country: Russia

The movie was shot in Murmansk and the village of Teriberka, they chose these locations for the pristine untouched and very unusual beauty. Zvyagintsev was looking for "out-of-the-way small town", the crew visited Vladimir, Pskov, Astrakhan, went to Belarus, but as a place for filming chose still the Kola Peninsula. In Murmansk found the necessary buildings of hotels, administrations and police, which look decent, but very shabby and a little provincial. The house where the main character lived was not preserved - it was necessary according to the plot of the movie. But the artificial skeleton of a whale remained as a monument after filming and the local authorities improved the place of its location. 

Nikolai's house

In movie

Scene where Nikolai leaves his house, located on the edge of the village, in the dark. He gets into his car to go to the railway station, where he meets his longtime friend Dmitry, a lawyer from Moscow, to help him solve the problem with the demolition of his house.
Clock iconTiming: 00:03:54


Scene was shot on a small site near the Teriberka stele and next to the automobile bridge. The house was built especially for filming, and then demolished, which was necessary according to the plot of the movie. Now a monument "The Tail of the Whale" has been erected on this place.

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