Poster Master i Margarita 2024
Мастер и Маргарита

Where was Master i Margarita filmed

2024, Drama Thriller
Filming country: Russia Malta

The movie was filmed in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and the scenes with Pontius Pilate and the whole of Jerusalem were shot in Malta. 

The Master's cellar

In movie

Scene where we see the basement where the Master lives and writes his works.


Scene was shot in the historic wooden Palibin house of the 19th century, it is located on Burdenko Street in Moscow.
Moscow The House of Pablin

Satan's ball

In movie

Scene where in the great hall, guests have gathered for Satan's ball.


Scene was shot in the large marble hall of the Ethnographic Museum, it's perfect for filming the gloomy ball scene.
St. Petersburg Ethnographic Museum

Psychiatric hospital

In movie

Scene where Маргарита разговаривает с доктором Стравинским.


Scene was shot The Russian National Library, located in St. Petersburg. Its unusual white, marble staircase is perfectly suited to convey the atmosphere of a grandiose medical institution.
St. Petersburg Russian National Library

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