Poster Dune: Part Two 2024

Where was Dune: Part Two filmed

2024, Fantasy Action
Filming country: Hungary Italy Jordan

The movie was shot in Hungary, Italy and in the deserts of Jordan. 


Arrakis Desert

Wadi Rum

Scene where Paul and Chani are talking sitting on a barchan in the desert.

Scene was shot in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. To shoot a romantic scene, a certain amount of lighting was needed, which appears for just a few minutes during dawn. Therefore, even this small scene took a very long time to shoot.


In movie

The palace at Caladan

Scene where Princess Irulan Corrino in her palace on the planet Caladan.

Scene was shot in Italy, the sanctuary of Brion is a unique complex of tombs, with ponds and buildings in an interesting architectural style.


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