Poster One Piece 2023

Where was One Piece filmed

2023, Comedy Fantasy Adventure
Filming country: Italy South Africa

The main filming locations for the One Piece series are the film studio in Cape Town and also Italy, where almost all of the location shooting took place.


Most of the scenes

Cape Town

Scene was shot at the Cape Town Film Studios in South Africa. It has the necessary large and deep pools, as well as the ability to build the necessary scenery. The team decided not only to use computer graphics, but also to build entire locations, as it makes the world of the series more lively and interesting.


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Logtown's main square

Florence Piazza del Duomo

Scene where A crowd gathered in Logtown's main square to watch the execution of pirate king Gold Roger

Scene was shot in the cathedral square of Florence, Italy. Some of the buildings have been added with computer graphics, such as the main world government building.


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Logtown Cove


Scene where the pirate Gold Roger is to be executed. The scene takes place 22 years before the main events.

Scene was shot in the bay of the Italian city of Sorrento, its appearance practically did not require the use of computer graphics, as you can see in the pictures - only the modern pier was smudged, the rest was left in pristine condition.


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Shells Town


Scene where showing the exterior of Shells Town and the 153rd Marine Division headquarters

Scene was shot in Positano is an Italian village with a very interesting view. But not without computer adjustments, as you can see some of the buildings were added and the colour of the houses was changed.


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