Poster Murder Mystery 2 2023

Where was Murder Mystery 2 filmed

2023, Comedy Detective
Filming country: France

The movie was shot entirely in Paris


In movie

Scene where A van with the Spitz family and kidnappers rushes down a quay in Paris, and inside the van there is a fierce struggle for the suitcase.
Clock iconTiming: 00:42:33


Scene was shot in the center of Paris on the banks of the River Seine, overlooking the small square Brittany-on-the-Seine and the small event pavilion La Péniche


In movie

Scene where The Spitzes family go to visit an inspector who can help them in their investigation.
Clock iconTiming: 00:49:05


Scene was shot at the Opera Garnier, in a lobby with a chic 19th-century Italian-style staircase.
Paris Palais Garnier


In movie

Scene where As a reward, the Spitzes are invited to enjoy the helicopter and some of the money.
Clock iconTiming: 01:17:50


Scene was shot On the Leopold-Cedar-Sengor pedestrian bridge.
Paris Léopold-Sédar-Senghor bridge

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