Poster Nulevoy patsiyent 2022
Нулевой пациент

Where was Nulevoy patsiyent filmed

2022, Thriller
Filming country: Russia

The series was filmed in Moscow and Volgograd. 

Dmitry Goncharov's house

In movie

Scene where Dimitri comes out of his entryway, where the apartment where the party was held is located.


Scene was shot at the apartment building on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, this is the house of Moscow elites in Soviet times, which is shown in the TV series.
Moscow Residential building on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment

Editorial office of the newspaper Sovetskaya Molodezhya

In movie

Scene where Igor Karakhan gets into the car near the entrance to the newspaper's editorial office.


Scene was shot in front of the School of Television and Cinema in Moscow.

Elista Republican Committee of the CPSU

In movie

Scene where The townspeople, mostly men from the factory, come to the building of the Elista Republican Committee to get answers to questions about the HIV epidemic, which is very much feared in the city.


Scene was shot at the building of the Volgograd Regional Court, which has been preserved in excellent condition since the Soviet times, including all bas-reliefs on the facade.

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