Poster Old 2021

Where was Old filmed

2021, Drama Horror Mystery Thriller
Filming country: Dominican Republic

All shootings took place in the Dominican Republic. Three locations were involved in the film: the Anamer resort hotel, the Pinewood studio pavilion, where only a few sea scenes were filmed, and of course the beach, where was built a huge scenery and almost all of the shootings took place.

Hotel Anamika

In movie

Scene where guests arrive at an expensive hotel in a tropical paradise, almost immediately they decide that they are ready for an excursion to a secluded beach, which is actively advertised by the representatives of the resort. A group of motley and unfamiliar people gather and drive to the beach, planning to spend the whole day there.
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Scene was shot in Anamera Resort, Dominican Republic, is a chic hotel with minimalist architecture built on a tropical island. All the hotel shooting, which is a small but important part of the movie, took place here. The hotel is also conveniently located, it is really close to the place where the secret beach was filmed, and you can also get to Pinewood Studios, where the filming took place in the swimming pool.
Anamera Resort Hotel

Secret beach

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Scene where A group of tourists arrive at the beach, they pass through a gorge and get to the deserted coast, where as they were promised there is no one, only white sand and blue ocean. They spread their towels and get ready for a great vacation.
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Scene was shot on Playa El Valle beach in the Dominican Republic. The rocks the main characters are climbing and the cave they are trying to pass through are not real, but a set built especially for the movie. This is clearly visible on the photo from the shooting. But all the mountains that are in the background are real.
El Valle Beach

Coral reef near the beach

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Scene where Trent and Carla assume that swimming through the coral is the only option to escape the beach and return to a world with a normal flow of time. To do this, they need to swim quickly to the reef and dive and swim an unknown distance underwater. They realize they have no choice and decide to give it a try.
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Scene was shot in the big water pool in the pavilion of the Pinewood studio, Dominican Republic. The shootings of the scene in the water with corals were filmed not in the sea, but in a studio where artificial scenery was built. The director shared photos from the scenery via his Instagram.
Playa Juan Dolio Pinewood studio

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