Where was Palm Springs filmed

Poster Palm Springs 2020

2020, #Comedy #Fantasy #Mystery #Romance
Filming country: #USA

Palm Springs was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.


SkyHouse Joshua Tree

62323 Onaga Trail, Joshua Tree, California 92252, United States

Scene where Nyles and Sarah are relaxing in the swimming pool of people who are not at home.

Scene was shot SkyHouse is a private villa with pool which van be rented. It lies on 8 private acres in the heart of Joshua Tree.

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['34.1120109558105', '-116.302749633789']


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The Bronson Caves

3200 Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, California 90068, United States

Scene where ** spoiler alert ** Sarah follows Nyles into the cave not knowing what awaits her.

Scene was shot Bronson Canyon, or Bronson Caves, is a section of Griffith Park in Los Angeles that has become known as a filming location for many films and television series. The most well-known appearance of the tunnel entrance is likely its use as the entrance to the Batcave in the 1966–68 Batman television series.

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['34.1212844848633', '-118.314308166504']


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