Poster Trocadero Square

What was filmed in Trocadero Square

Trocadero Square has been a popular location for filmmakers due to its beautiful architecture and central location in Paris. Many iconic movies have been filmed in this location, including the famous French musical film "An American in Paris" starring Gene Kelly. Another popular movie that was filmed in Trocadero Square is the action-packed thriller "Inception" starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The breathtaking scene where DiCaprio and Ellen Page's characters are walking along the Seine River with the Eiffel Tower in the background was filmed in this location. Trocadero Square has also been featured in numerous other movies such as "Funny Face", "Midnight in Paris", and "Charade". Its stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding architecture make it a perfect filming location for movies that want to showcase the beauty of Paris.

Movies and Series made in Trocadero Square, Paris

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