Where was Resort to Love filmed

Poster Resort to Love 2021

2021, #Comedy #Romance
Filming country: #Republic of Mauritius

Filming took place in the small island of Mauritius, located about 1,200 kilometers east of Madagascar, right in the Indian Ocean. Scenes were filmed at the luxury resort of Constance Prince Maurice and in the state capital, Port Louis.



Choisy Road Poste De Flacq, Mauritius island

Scene where -

Scene was shot at the five-star, chic Constance Prince Maurice hotel. The good news is that you can also buy a tour to this hotel without any problems, it is real and open to the public!

On the map Timing: 00:00:00

GPS: -20.150054035995026, 57.74617990148299


In movie

New York streets

Bourbon St, Port Louis, Mauritius island

#Port Louis

Scene where first look on the club's district

Scene was shot actually in Port Louis, although the film is set in New York

On the map Timing: 00:00:00

GPS: -20.16257519733751, 57.50414348064455


In movie