Poster Romancing the Stone 1984

Where was Romancing the Stone filmed

1984, Comedy Action Adventure Romance
Filming country: USA Mexico Oman

Romancing the Stone was filmed in Mexico and in New York in the United States of America.

West End Avenue

In movie

Scene where Jack Colton waits for Joan Wilder on his boat in the middle of Manhattan.


Scene was shot Eleventh avenue is known as West End Avenue between 59th and 107th Streets. Both West End Avenue and Eleventh Avenue are considered to be part of the same road. The opening scene in the Will Smith movie 'Hitch', takes place with Smith exiting an 865 West End Avenue apartment building.
New York

Fort of San Juan de Ulua

In movie

Scene where Jack try to save Joan, Elaine and the diamond.


Scene was shot Castle of San Juan de UlĂșa is a large complex of fortresses, prisons and one former palace on an island of the same name in the Gulf of Mexico overlooking the seaport of Veracruz, Mexico. Juan de Grijalva's 1518 expedition named the island.

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