Poster Romeo + Juliet 1996

Where was Romeo + Juliet filmed

1996, Drama Romance
Filming country: Mexico

Romeo + Juliet was filmed in Mexico.


Parroquia del Purísimo Corazón de María


Scene where Romeo arrives at the church where Juliet is laid out.

Scene was shot The origin of the church dates back to December 1923 when the Archbishop of Mexico, José Mota del Río, blessed the place and a small chapel was built. On September 24, 1938, Engineer Miguel Rebolledo took charge of the new building of the temple, following the plans drawn up by the architect Luis Olvera, a good part of its cost was paid with the contributions of the residents of Colonia del Valle. In May 1945, with the Claretian Community in full, the foundation of the first body of the sanctuary began, by 1946 the crypt was completed, the final stage began in mid-1947 when the construction of the sanctuary was undertaken by the Architect Antonio Muñoz , culminating until 1953. The total height of the Parish is 65 meters with its 20 meter high polyhedron dome topped by the image of Mary with semi-open arms that together with its base measures 10 meters and can be seen from a great distance.


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