Where was Saving Private Ryan filmed

Poster Saving Private Ryan 1998

1998, #Drama
Filming country: #USA #France

Saving Private Ryan was filmed in France, United States of America.


Ballinesker Beach

Ballinesker Beach, Ballinruan, Curracloe, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Scene where Omaha Beach, June 6 1944. The Allied Forces land on the beach.

Scene was shot Filming on the beach began June 27, 1997, and lasted for two months. Machine gun positions and the massive x-shaped metal structures (dropped to prevent just such a landing) were built here. At a cost of more than $12 million, and over 11 weeks, 1,500 people, tonnes of explosives, and thousands of gallons of fake blood transformed a kilometre of the Irish beach into the bloody battlefield. The actual filming took 15 days, after which every trace of the set was removed, and the beach painstakingly restored to its previous state.

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GPS: ['52.3993835449219', '-6.35765409469604']


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American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer

14710, Colleville-sur-Mer, France

Scene where James Ryan walks the cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer to pay tribute to the men who saved him.

Scene was shot The cemetery contains the remains of 9,387 Americans most of whom were killed during the invasion of Normandy. The Captain John Miller portrayed in the movie never existed, but the story of Private Ryan is based upon the story of the Niland Brothers, two of whom are buried in the cemetery.

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GPS: ['49.3608474731445', '-0.856069028377533']


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