Scandal: Bí mat tham do

Where was Scandal filmed

Poster Scandal 2012

2012, #Drama #Mystery #Thriller
Filming country: #USA

Scandal was filmed in the United States.


N Rossmore Ave

N Rossmore Ave Los Angeles, California 90004 United States

Scene where Olivia ambushed David to ask him for information about one of his colleagues. (Episode 1.3)

Scene was shot This location on N Rossmore Avenue is next to the El Royale apartment building. Olivia's apartment in season 1 was filmed in an actual unit inside of the El Royale. Stars like Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller, Judd Apatow, Uma Thurman, Jack Black, Ellen Page and Josh Brolin have lived at the El Royale.

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GPS: ['34.0789070129395', '-118.327079772949']


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Palace Theatre

630 S Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90014, United States

Scene where The office building of 'Olivia Pope & Associates'. (Episode 1.1)

Scene was shot The Palace opened in 1911 as the third home of the Orpheum vaudeville circuit in Los Angeles. It is one of the oldest theatres in Los Angeles and the oldest remaining original Orpheum theatre in the U.S. The exterior of the theatre, with those familiar arching windows, was used as the establishing shot for Olivia Popes office.

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GPS: ['34.0457649230957', '-118.25260925293']


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