Poster Shadowlands 1993

Where was Shadowlands filmed

1993, Drama Romance
Filming country: United Kingdom Oman

Shadowlands was filmed in Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Symonds Yat Rock

In movie

Scene where Jack Lewis and Joy Gresham are enjoying each other and the lovely view.


Scene was shot Symonds Yat Rock overlooks a spectacular gorge through which the River Wye snakes. This rock is a good viewpoint from which to watch raptors: a pair of peregrine falcons that nest annually within sight of the rock Archaeologists have uncovered bones from hyenas, sabre-toothed cats and a mammoth in and around the caves of the valley and human habitation can be traced back to 12,000 years ago with findings of their tools and clothes.

Macdonald Randolph Hotel - The Fellows Lounge

In movie

Scene where Jack Lewis and Joy Gresham meet each other for the first time.


Scene was shot Macdonald Randolph Hotel ("The Randolph") is a hotel in Oxford, England. Construction began in 1864 by William Wilkinson, an architect who also designed many houses in North Oxford. The hotel was named not after Lord Randolph Churchill, who was connected with Blenheim Palace to the north of Oxford, but after Dr Francis Randolph, an eighteenth century university benefactor. The hotel featured in the Inspector Morse television series several times.

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