Where was Space Force filmed

Poster Space Force 2020

2020, #Comedy
Filming country: #USA

Space Force was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.


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14499 E Ave Q, Palmdale, California 93591, United States

Scene where Genral Mark Naird stops for full (and rocket pie) on his way to the secret base.

Scene was shot The 'Four Aces' movie location is a professional film set, located just an hour northeast of Los Angeles in one of California's most picturesque deserts. The set consists of a Route 66 style diner, a western Honky Tonk bar and a classic 1950's motel.

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['34.5875587463379', '-117.871871948242']


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General Mark’s Home

24802 Cerezo Ct, Santa Clarita, California 91321, United States

Scene where General Mark R. Naird discuss on the porch of his house the launch with Dr. Adrian Mallory.

Scene was shot None

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['34.3773574829102', '-118.543296813965']


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