Poster Statskiy sovetnik 2005
Статский советник

Where was Statskiy sovetnik filmed

2005, Detective
Filming country: Russia

Although the action takes place entirely in Moscow, but the movie was filmed not only there, although the locations of the capital in the movie is also quite a lot, for example, the creators of the picture were able to get permission to shoot in the Kremlin, including shooting in the Grand Kremlin Palace, so the final scenes are filmed not in the scenery, but in the real St. George's Hall. But many street scenes had to be filmed in Tver, there they found a large number of streets similar to Moscow streets of the 1860s, untouched by modern civilization.

St. George Hall

In movie

Scene where Fandorin goes to a meeting with Grand Duke Semyon Alexandrovich, where he is informed of his appointment to the post of Moscow Oberpolitsmeister, signed by the Emperor, in place of Pozharsky. But Fandorin refuses this position, and in a very rude way.
Clock iconTiming: 02:00:52


Scene was shot in the real St. George Hall of the Kremlin Palace, which corresponds to the historical time, i.e. it has already been built 40 years ago. Now this hall is used as an official ceremonial room for the Russian president to meet foreign delegations.
Moscow Kremlin

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