Poster Sto let tomu vperyod 2024
Сто лет тому вперёд

Where was Sto let tomu vperyod filmed

2024, Fantasy
Filming country: Russia

In the movie there is a large number of locations completely created with the help of computer graphics, scenery or a combination of the former and the latter. But there is also location shooting, which took place in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Fima and Kolya's yard

In movie

Scene where Kolya from the year 2024, i.e. modern times, tells us how the world will change in the future when his friend Fima receives the first alien signal and the Earth joins the Intergalactic Alliance. At this time we are shown the Moscow neighborhood where Fima and Kolya study and live.


Scene was shot In northern Chertanovo, there are dormitory neighborhoods with a slight touch of retro futurism, which is achieved due to the unusual shape of panel high-rise buildings.

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