Poster Succubus 2024
Отражение тьмы

Where was Succubus filmed

2024, Horror
Filming country: Russia

Filming took place in the Moscow region in the city of Chekhov, as well as on Barsovaya Gora, in the city of Surgut. 

New Eastdale Island Forest

In movie

Scene where young couples arrive on the island for relationship-building training and a scene in a maze of branches.


Scene was shot on Basrovaya Gora, near Surgut. In this place they specially built a set - a giant labyrinth of branches. They also filmed scenes in the forest and with helicopters. Several light quadcopter Robinson R44 helicopters were used for filming, with special signs applied to their hulls - the symbols of the retreat, according to the plot of the movie.
Surgut Barsova Gora


In movie

Scene where young couples checking into rooms.


Scene was shot all the hotel scenes were filmed in Chekhov #APi, in the town of Chekhov in the Moscow region. It's a large eco-hotel made in dark colors with large panoramic windows. That was the main reason for choosing it as a location.
Chekhov Hotel Chekhov #APi

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