Poster The Fool 2014

Where was The Fool filmed

2014, Drama Thriller
Filming country: Russia

The movie was shot entirely in Tula - it corresponded to the storyline, where you needed a small town, with a hostel in which live working families, very poor, as well as close contact with the authorities. In Tula there were all the necessary locations for shooting. 


In movie

Scene where Dmitry discovers that the dormitory where the leak occurred is not just in a state of emergency, but it will literally collapse in the next few days. He decides to test his hypothesis and measures the deflection of the building, it turns out that it is already tilted very much.
Clock iconTiming: 00:18:04


Scene was shot in the dormitory building of the Demidov Mechanical Engineering College. Filming was mainly exterior, as the building is not in such a condition as shown in the movie. Therefore, some of the shooting of the apartments was done at the studio.

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