Where was The French Connection filmed

Poster The French Connection 1971

1971, #Drama #Thriller #Action #Crime
Filming country: #USA #France

The French Connection was filmed in New York in the United States of America and in France.


Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal, 87 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017, USA

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Scene was shot While colloquially known as Grand Central Station, this building has borne its current name since its construction in 1903 to replace the older Grand Central Depot. The train station houses 44 platforms, more than any other station in the world, all of which are below ground split into two levels. The most famous part of the station is the cavernous Main Concourse topped with an elaborate astronomical mural designed by architect Whitney Warren and artist Paul César Helleu.

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GPS: ['40.7526558264', '-73.9772906497']


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Central Road - Wards Island

130 Central Road, New York, New York 10035, United States

Scene where Jimmy Doyle and the NYPD have created an ambush.

Scene was shot Wards Island is a 255-acre landmass lying in the northern end of the East River, between Manhattan and Queens. Randalls Island and Wards Island are conjoined islands, collectively called Randalls and Wards Islands, in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Native Americans called Wards Island Tenkenas which translated to "Wild Lands" or "uninhabited place”.

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GPS: ['40.7929840087891', '-73.9229507446289']


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