Where was The Menu filmed

Poster The Menu 2022

2022, #Thriller
Filming country: #USA

The entire film "The Menu" was filmed in the United States, Georgia. In the film, the action takes place on one island, but it is actually a large number of different locations around the town of Savannah and its environs.


Place of departure for guests

1 International Dr, Savannah, GA 31421, United States


Scene where the twelve privileged guests of the Hawthorne restaurant embark on their culinary destination.

Scene was shot on Hutchinson Island at the dock near the Savannah Convention Center

On the map Timing: 00:02:10

GPS: 32.08335013055882, -81.08678581598798


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The facade of the restaurant

Tybee Island, Georgia 31328, USA

Scene where Twelve guests enter the restaurant

Scene was shot The film crew built the facade of the restaurant on Tybee Island near Savannah in a private residence on Horsepen Point Drive.

On the map Timing: 00:58:50

GPS: 32.00381456750002, -80.85531360641444


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The beach on the Island

Jekyll Island, Georgia 31527, United States

Scene where Guests walk on the beach on the island

Scene was shot at the north end of Jekyll Island. The scenic landscape of this beach with numerous logs brought in by the tide.

On the map Timing: 00:06:29

GPS: 31.103390503659963, -81.40402314610955


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