Where was The Mission filmed

Poster The Mission 1986

1986, #Drama #Adventure
Filming country: #USA #Argentina

The Mission was filmed in Argentina and in the United Kingdom.


Iguazu Falls - Island San Martin

BR-469, MisiĆ³nes, Argentina

Scene where Father Gabriel sees the task that is ahead of him and climbs the waterfall.

Scene was shot Iguazu means Great Water in the Guarani language. It is an appropriate name for the river that travels 1,300 miles through Brazil and ends in wonderful falls in the jungle. That place connects the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['-25.686624', '-54.442734']


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Fort Amherst

Khartoum Road, Chatham ME4 4UB, United Kingdom

Scene where Rodrigo Mendoza is being held in the monastery after he had murdered his brother.

Scene was shot Fort Amherst was originally built in 1755, containing a labyrinth of underground tunnels and hidden gun positions, to improve the defense of the River Medway.

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['51.387356', '0.525667']


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