Poster The Shining 1980

Where was The Shining filmed

1980, Horror
Filming country: USA

According to the plot, the whole book takes place in the same Overlook Hotel, however the filming took place in two locations. They filmed all the shooting outside in one hotel - this is the film that inspired the writer - the Timberline Lodge Hotel, and all the shooting of the interior took place in the Avani Hotel located in Yosemite National Park in California. Stanley Kubrick wanted shootings to be in chronological order. With the various sets prepared for the film and the action constantly shifting from one set to another, absolutely all of the sets had to be available for filming all the time. Therefore, all the pavilions of Elstree Studios were occupied only by the scenery of The Shining. Filming began on May 1, 1978 and ended in April 1979. When the filming process was already close to its end, the studio began filming the 5th part of the Star Wars epic, The Empire Strikes Back, and the artificial snow that covered the Overlook Hotel was later used to film episodes on the planet Hoth.

The road to the hotel

In movie

Scene where At the beginning of the movie, Jack Torrence's family goes to a hotel in the mountains so that he can work there as a caretaker during the "dead season" when there are no tourists at all, but he needs to keep an eye on the hotel. He decides it's the perfect environment for his family and an opportunity to write a book.
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Scene was shot on the road to Mount Hood in Oregon, USA. This picturesque place perfectly fits the scene, showing a family traveling to a secluded and very peaceful place. There's a large amount of forests for many hundreds of kilometers around, and closer to the mountain the snow and cold is already appearing.

Exterior hotel "overlook"

In movie

Scene where Jack Torrence and his family check into the Overlook Mountain Hotel. Also, Wendy and Deni walk the grounds of the hotel and find a giant hedge maze in the backyard.
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Scene was shot outside the Timberline Lodge Hotel. It's a big mountain hotel, which fits perfectly into the movie - it's big, secluded, but also has a rather peculiar appearance, which at the beginning of the movie looks calm, but by the end of it evokes quite different emotions.

Inside hotel

In movie

Scene where Wendy, despite her husband's prohibition, goes into a large room in the center of the hotel, which at this moment is Jack's office. She goes to the desk to look at the manuscript, but discovers that it is all made up of duplicated writing. At this point she is noticed by Jack.
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Scene was shot in the Ahwahnee Hotel, according to the movie makers, the interior of this hotel, with its giant hall and beautiful staircase, was more suitable for the movie than the hotel, which was filmed only from the outside. Some of the scenes were filmed not inside the hotel, but in constructed sets, apparently to avoid staining everything with blood. In the novel, the creepy events take place in room 217, while in the movie it is room 237. The hotel managers asked Kubrick to change the number so as not to scare away visitors, because the 237th room in the hotel was not at all.

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