Poster Tootsie 1982

Where was Tootsie filmed

1982, Comedy Drama Romance
Filming country: USA Oman

Tootsie was filmed in New York in the United States of America.

The Russian Tearoom

In movie

Scene where George Fields, Michael Dorsey's agent, meets Dorothy Michaels for the first time, at the Russian Tea Room.


Scene was shot The Russian Tea Room is an Art Deco Russo-Continental restaurant, located at 150 West 57th Street (between Sixth Avenue and Seventh Avenue), between Carnegie Hall Tower and Metropolitan Tower in New York. It is a treasured, globally renowned cultural institution where people of all ages and backgrounds have been having unforgettable dining and celebratory experiences. The Russian Tea Room was opened in 1927, by former members of the Russian Imperial Ballet, as a gathering place for Russian expatriates and became famous as a gathering place for those in the entertainment industry. Countless guests visiting from around the globe walk through the antique revolving doors to catch a glimpse of the booth Dustin Hoffman sat in when filming Tootsie; to see the inspiration that Woody Allen found for the movie Manhattan; to walk past the coat check where Madonna worked before she found fame; or to try martinis like the cast of Gossip Girl did.
New York

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