Where was Toscana filmed

Poster Toscana 2022

2022, #Comedy
Filming country: #Italy

Toscana was filmed in Italy.


Castle di Ristonchi

Località Ristonchi Borgo, 4-7, 50060 Pelago FI, Italy

Scene where Theo arrives at Ristonchi and meets Sophia.

Scene was shot Set high in the Tuscan hills surrounded by an enchanting forest and silver-green olive groves, you will find this stunning 1,000-year-old castle and ancient village. Ristonchi Castle has 30 private bedrooms and can host up to 90 guests. Castle di Ristonchi was commissioned by Italy’s famous Medici family in 900 AD and this 1,000+-year-old castle is still watching over the gorgeous Tuscan hillside landscape. Its rich history shows throughout the property with signs of monks, wars, and stonemasons.

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GPS: ['43.767204284668', '11.5229663848877']


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