Where was Ugly Betty filmed

Poster Ugly Betty 2006

2006, #Comedy #Drama #Romance
Filming country: #USA

Ugly Betty was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.


Madison Av/E 25 St

Madison Av/E 25 St, New York, United States

Scene where Daniel thanks Betty for her work. (Episode 1.1)

Scene was shot Madison Square is a public square formed by the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The square was named for James Madison, fourth President of the United States.

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['40.7419815063477', '-73.9870834350586']


In movie

37-27 92nd Street (house)

37-27 92nd St Queens, New York 11372, United States

Scene where Betty and her brother talk in front of their house. (Episode 1.1)

Scene was shot None

On the map Timing: None

GPS: ['40.7499084472656', '-73.8747482299805']


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