Where was Upright filmed

Poster Upright 2019

2019, #Comedy #Drama
Filming country: #Australia

The film is a road trip across Australia from the city of Sydney to the city of Perth, in fact, all filming locations are based along this road route. For the most part, the entire series was filmed in Southern and Western Australia itself. First season tv Series shooting specifically carried out at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton and North Eastern Community Hospital in Campbelltown. When it comes to the show’s filming in the Outbacks, Quorn, Hawker, Port Augusta, and Woomera were some of the chief locations chosen by the creators. Second season was filmed in Queensland, Austalia.


Stop on the road


Scene where Lacky and Mag cruising on the road

Scene was shot in Port Augusta on Caroona Road

On the map Timing: None

GPS: -32.4886062361162, 137.7513071503414


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Scene where This is the hometown of the main character - Lucky, played by Tim Minchin.

Scene was shot -

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GPS: -


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