Poster Witness 1985

Where was Witness filmed

1985, Drama Thriller Romance
Filming country: USA Oman

Witness was filmed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America.

Queen Road

In movie

Scene where John Book fights with some bullies to defend the honor of the Amish.


Scene was shot Intercourse is a popular site for tourists because of its location in Amish country and its sexually suggestive name. Small businesses sell Amish crafts, food, and give horse and buggy rides. Intercourse was founded in 1754. The community was originally named Cross Keys, after a local tavern. Intercourse became the name in 1814. The village website gives several theories for the origins of the name.

30th Street Station

In movie

Scene where Samuel and his mother Rachel are waiting at the train station.


Scene was shot 30th Street Station is Philadelphia's main railroad station. The station served more than 4 million inter-city rail passengers in 2018. The building, which first opened in 1933, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places Spirit of Transportation, the conception and work of Karl Bitter, sculptor, was executed in 1895 and placed in the waiting room of Broad Street Station Philadelphia from which place it was removed to this site in January, 1933. The spirit of transportation is represented in triumphant procession of progress led by a little child carrying a model of an airship, a prophetic vision of a mode of transportation to come.

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